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My Bio

Thiz iz whut Shirlee says to my BF! From a privat email

She says I can't go out at ALL for a whole month! And she even did a DRUG test on me (I have NOTHING to worry about!)! I need to get out of here! I cannot STAND it anymore! She is driving me crazy! I am an ADULT now but she REFUSES to treat me like one! I wish you live CLOSER, my love! I could easily run off to be with YOU! And we could hold each other all night, and make LOVE and everything would be perfect! But I am thinking that I need to make a CLEAN break from here ASAP! My friend Portia has an idea... I'll tell you about it later, dearest. Meanwhile... think of me... think of sticking your big fat dick into my pussy and fucking me ALL night long 'cause it will be REALLY happening SOONER than you think! xoxoxoxox Shirl

My Occupation

im a Dancer at a world famus club

My Hobbies

i like to talk to intresting men if they buy me drinks but there not really drinks just oj with a umbrela stuck in it

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